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Percy Chattey is a writer and retired Architectural Designer raised in London’s East End during World War II. Chattey spent several years serving in the army in Africa. When he returned to England, he married his wife Jean and they have two daughters, Anne and Sue. Chattey’s first book was published in 1983 and he remains an avid writer. The Chatteys currently live in Costa Blanca, Spain, where Percy writes and they own a separate vacation home (La Casa FuenteLargo).

'Blitz and Pieces' ©2015

An Autobiography by Percy Chattey

A new book release in print and eBook. Also available in hard back from Austin Macauley.


The true story of how a 6 year old survived the London Blitz

  • AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Percy W Chattey
  • Pages: 270 pages
  • Publisher: Austin Macauley / CreateSpace (7 Jun. 2013)
  • Language: English
  • CreateSpace: ISBN-10: 1484881788 / ISBN-13: 978-1484881781
    Austin Macauley: Pperback ISBN 978178455 660 0
    Hardback ISBN 978-1784556624
  • BookDimensions: 15.2 x 1.5 x 22.9 cm
  • Available in hard back from Austin Macauley

NOW IN HARDBACK, PAPERBACK or eBOOK! An autobiography: Percy Chattey (London born and bred) writes his true story about growing up in the East End of London during the horror of the Second World War as a child.

» BUY "BLITZ AND PIECES" NOW! Also available in hard back from Austin Macauley.

Percy writes how he lived through months of nightly bombings, sleeping in cold damp shelters and how school was neglected for the war effort.

Book: Blitz and Pieces
In the Air Raid Shelter made of steel, they were holding each other tightly, listening to the constant noise of the night raiders as they pounded the city with their bombs. They could also hear the gun fire from the local 'Ack Ack' station; men with guns trying to repel the enemy bombers who were coming over in waves. There was a whistle as a bomb fell from the sky and then another a little nearer, followed by two more, each one louder. The explosions as they hit the ground rocked the shelter. The last in the line screeched as it hurtled downwards was louder than the others. They prayed holding each other tightly knowing the last one was very near. Suddenly the noise of the explosion drowned even their screams, the shelter shuddered, the concrete base splitting like a piece of paper as their steel cover was blown on to its side.

The story continues with Percy’s struggle to find work as a war teen, joining the forces, starting, building & losing a successful business to finding the love of his life.
But then reality hits hard...


In between times, the 'pom poms' would be going off in fast sequence. It was a gun that could fire shells in quick succession, one of which would be a tracer. A tracer is like the lighted tail of a rocket firework going high into the air showing the gunners where their aim was.

The search lights would be piercing the night sky looking for the enemy, when one was found the tracers would search it out so that the shells following would make a hit.

Through all this we lay in the shelter very quietly, no one saying a word, just listening to the thundering noise, hoping Dad was alright, wondering and wishing it would soon stop.

But the months were to roll by and the German planes were intent on doing as much damage as they could. For 76 consecutive nights, I have since read, they continued their bombardment night after night.

Each morning after the beautiful sound of the single note of the siren giving the 'all clear', we would leave the safety of the Anderson. The enemy rarely came during the daylight hours. Scattered around the garden and in the street would be pieces of shrapnel that had dropped out of the sky, the remains of the shells that had been fired from our guns, sometimes a piece of aircraft amongst them.

In the woods to our right I could see lots of lanterns moving about and the more I looked the more there were. I caught up with the other lad and pointed them out to him, my heart racing thinking that we were being attacked by hordes of Mau Mau all carrying lanterns. He didn't actually laugh at me but called me a silly something or other as the lanterns were nothing more than fire flies.

On another occasion, as I remember it was in the same area as the bridge, we came across a destroyed farmhouse, it had been trashed by the terrorists, the dead still lying where they had been killed. There was nothing we could do except advise the Kenya Police.

Genre: War Stories, London History, World War II, Autobiography.
Also available in hard back from Austin Macauley.

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