Blitz and Pieces. Wartime Memoirs by Percy Chattey Thriller Books 2016 by Percy Chattey

Thrillers and Books by Award Winning Author Percy Chattey

Blitz and Pieces on YouTube Also available in hard back from Austin Macauley.


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"Blitz and Pieces" | "A Common's Mistake" | "The Black Venus" | "Death for a Starter" | "Two for One"
"Watchit" | "Watchit Too" | "The Dauntless Factor" | "Time Gentlemen"
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Related: Quadrupal Award Winning Author of crime and thriller books, new thriller books for 2016. Percy Chattey is a book author of murder, mystery and suspense novels. He is an author and independent publisher through the Amazon bookstore and Kindle eBooks. His acclaimed thriller books are available as a paperback and on eReaders, tablets and eBook Apps (Android or iOS). You can search "new thriller books" in any literature, romance, true story search engine or directory. Percy has also written his Wartime Autobiography about surviving the London Blitz and growing up in worn-torn Britain. Download his books as a Kindle eBook under crime fiction and top ten thriller books for review.

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